SEO Boss - Updates Manager
Updates manager allows you to install SEO Boss updates and extensions by one click.
It has2 tabs at the top of the page:
  • Available Features - displays features which can be downloaded and installed from SEO Boss update site
  • Installed Features - displays list of features currently installed on this site.
Available Features area contains 3 lists:
  • Available SEO Boss updates - contains a list of Core uptdaes. Available only in SEO Boss Pro version.
  • Plugins - displays updates for currently installed plugins
  • Recommended SEO Boss plugins - displays a list of plugins which can be installed on this site
To install certain update or plugin - just click on according button in the table. Installation package will be downloaded from SEO Boss update site and placed to you site filesystem. In most cases you should provide FTP credentials in the form below to allow filesystem modification. There is also manual installation mode when you download the package from SEO Boss uptdae site, unpack it and upload to your site FTP server.
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