SEO Boss - Settings

On this page you can control different important aspects of your SEO approach.

Site Settings

Site Domain Name

Domain name of your site. It is used for determining your position in Google search results. Should not contain any http:// or https:// prefixes. It is filled automatically during setup. Usually you will not need to change it.

Google server

Google server for retreiving your site position. Default value is a good choice. However you can enter different server according to your site regional and language targeting.

Text Replacements

This section controls how you site content will look like after final processing.

Highlight keywords in page text

Check this option to allow SEO Boss highlight all keywords on the page. It will improve semantic structure of the page. As result this will give better results for search indexing.

Hilight by tag

Defines how keywords should be highlighted. Left default value <strong> which means that keywords will be enclosed in <strong></string> tag. This looks as the best choise, but you can try to use other tags.


You can specify what class should keyword enclosing tags have. You can apply different styles for this class in css, for example to make highlighted keywords look the same as other text. You can keep how your existing site looks like, but also provide semantically enforced text for search engines.

Skip Tags

Enter comma-separated list of tags. Keywords inside these tags will not be highlighted.

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