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Seo Boss Introduction

SeoBoss is a Joomla extension which allows to configure site to be best indexed and understanded by Search Engines. It includes a component, for configuration at backednd and a system plugin. System plugin is responsible for keeping meta information on your site pages according to you settings.  SEO Boss is distributed in all-in-one package. There are separete versions for Joomla 1.5 and other (greater than 1.6 ). The only difference is in package format. Download appropriate package, open your Joomla Administrator page. Go to Extensions->Install/Uninstall page. Select downloaded package and click "Upload and Install" button.

After successful installation new menu item should appear under the top-level "Components" menu. Select Components -> Seo Boss -> Control Panel. You will see the start place of your SEO optimisation.

Seo Boss Control Panel

Meta Tags Manager

On this page you can browse meta information of your pages grouped in one table. You can quick update metatags info by one click. Also you can automatically generate descriptions, keywords,titles and copy from each other.

Keywords Manager

This section provides list of all keywords registered on your site. Each keyword has information about how good your site in Google search results against this keyword. You can update google statistics either directly from this page or by configuring cron job.

Pages Manager

Here you can list all your site pages, see what keywords are assigned to them, view keywords density and quick update keywords and other meta information.

External Links

You can configure to hide outgoing links from your site. This means that instead of using external link on your site, it will be automatically replaced to internal url on yor site and if user clicks this link, he well be redirected to external link.


Here you can adjust some settings of Seo Boss behaviour.

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