Joomla OAuth integration
Login Boss uses standard Joomla site settings when new users come from social services. Open Administration->Users->User Manager Click "Options" button on the toolbar. Users Configuration diallog appears. User registration options in Joomla 3
  • Allow User Registration.
    • If "Yes" is selected, new users can be registered by LoginBoss using their social networks accounts.
    • If "No" is selected, new users can't be registered. But existing users can login using LoginBoss, if they already have the accounts.
  • New User Registration Group.
    A group which will be assigned for new users created by LoginBoss
  • New User Account Activation
    When users are authorized by social services, the LoginBoss component can get their real email address in some cases (e.g. for Google or Yahoo services). In some cases it can't do that. (e.g. Twitter doesn't provide account email during the OAuth authorization.) For such cases new users are requested to enter their email address when they authorize first time on your site. This option defines the users activation process.
    • None. No activation. All users will be registered immediately and can access the site. Not that some of them can have a fake email addresses.
    • Self. If user authorizes by social service which provides a reliable email address, he/she will be activated immediately. Otherwise an activation email should be sent to provided email address and user will be activated when he/she click activation link from the email.
    • Administrator. All new users can't be authorized until the activation by Administrator.
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