Seo Boss - Joomla SEO system.

SeoBoss is a Joomla extension which allows to effectively manage pages meta information, keywords, write page texts optimized for certain keywords, track site position in Google search result list, adjust outgoing links and many other things.

Elegant Joomla SEO extension for easy management your site positions in search engines.

Using this SEO Extension you will be able to make your Joomla site most attractive for different search engines.

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Install and Uninstall Joomla extensions by Ant


Using this Apache Ant extension you can automatically install/uninstall joomla extensions instead of doing a lot ofmanual work in Administrator->Extensions->Install/Uninstall area. This is very useful for setting up a continiousintegration process or for managin multiple Joomla site instances. At this moment this extension is only tested forJoomla 1.5. To start use this extension you shoud be familiar with Apache Ant basics and have installed And on yourdevelopment environment.

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