SEO Boss - External Links
This section manages how outgoing links appear on your site.
Search engines are always looking for ways of making their results as accurate and specific as possible. Top search engines would give advantage to your site, if it has more external links to related content. Find important (in terms of link popularity) and relevant web sites which you can link to. Make sure all of your external links are related to the contents of the linking page. This will let you plant your own keywords in the anchor text. Make direct, top-level domain links. Modern search engines such as Google penalize web sites that don't link out. On the other hand, too many external links can hurt your own site's ranking. Avoid pointing to unimportant or banned URLs as well as "link farms" and similar linking schemes.
Using External Links manager you can 'hide' your outgoing links from search engines. Any outgoing link can be configured to look like regual internal link to another page of your site. When user click on this link, that page will redirect him to required external resource.
Assume that you want to hide all occurences of link to on your site. You should perform following steps:
  1. Go to Administrator's backend. Open Components -> SEO Boss -> External Links
  2. Click on 'Add New Redirect URL', if required
  3. Fill following information in form:external_links
  4. Click 'Save' or 'Apply' toolbar button.
Now all outgoing links to on you site will be displayed as links to internal pages of your site.
You can use a wildcard character * at the end of the url, which means that all urls that start with specified prefix should be hidded and point to internal pages first. For example you could enter* at step 3.
Do delete outgoing url processing rule, click on X character at the right side.
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